Harness Your Power with 3 Words

The qualities we admire in other people are usually the ones we aspire to and reflect how we'd like to be perceived by others. We're all unique and have different aspects of our personality and brand we want to convey. We feel most confident when we are comfortable and we feel most comfortable when we are truly and authentically being ourselves.

Creating your 3 Style Power words will help you separate your MOST IMPORTANT and essential characteristics. It will put you in control of your image and brand and make it easy for others to recognise at first glance who you are and what you stand for.

It is something that has transformed my life, my career, and has allowed me to redefine my identity.

When we take control of our image in this way, we take ownership of it and it’s no longer up for interpretation. If you want to find out what your 3 Style power words are…click below. For mine, scroll down.   

10 Style Mistakes KILLING your Credibility 

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My Style Power Words

Here are what my 3 Style Power Words are and why I chose them.

Edgy- I look best in darker colours anyway but an aspect of my personality I really want to convey is my strength. Because I'm a young woman in business, I’ve often been trivialised, and because of that, over time, I've chosen to prefer styles that have a "tough" look and make me feel powerful.

Bold- As someone who’s teaching others about style, I really need to stand out, and wear items in a way that makes people intrigued and hopefully inspired. I want people to comment on my outfits. That way I can engage them in conversation and make connections.

Chic- If I just wore things that were edgy and bold, I could end up looking like a Rockstar or a Punk. While there’s nothing wrong with that, that’s not who I am and I don’t want others to get the wrong impression of me. I don’t want to scare them off! I also need my outfits to be chic because it’s important that I look professional, put-together and stylish so people will want to book me.

Do you see how my words help me express myself, but in a way that still pushes me towards my goals? I want people to notice me, respect me, reach out to me and remember me…but for the RIGHT reasons.