Personal Styling Package in London 

Spend a whole day being styled and pampered like a queen! The day will begin with a Style Clarity session where we'll uncover your 3 Style Power Words, Colour Season and Style Identity and formulate a plan and a direction for your new look. I'll show you different make-up techniques for your specific face shape and colouring and we'll sort through and edit your wardrobe to be left only with the items that make you look and feel amazing. We'll create some new outfits from the clothes you have left, and create a shopping list for pieces to bring it all together. We can go shopping the same day or we can split the session into two if you'd prefer. Then we can go shopping and style your looks! I'll finish with a Personalised Style Board that we can both add to, and keep developing your style. 

Style Clarity Session

I'll ask you questions about your personality, business, current style and likes/dislikes so we can get a feel for your nature and build an ideal Signature Style that will suit you and your brand.

Colours & Make-up

There are certain colours that bring out the best in you and we're going to find out what they are! As a former make-up artist, I'll show you some techniques that'll make your features pop! 

Wardrobe Edit

This is probably the hardest part but you'll feel so good afterwards!!! Getting rid of old items allows space for the new to come into your life. We'll have a good clear out and an outfit creating sesh.

Personal Shopping

Now for the fun part!! You'll get roughly 4 hours of hardcore shopping time where I'll introduce you to some incredible items that will add the final touch to your look and complete your wardrobe! 

There are so many colours I haven’t even thought about buying because I’ve just stayed comfortable with blacks and greys! Chloe has definitely given me the confidence to go out and buy some clothes with colour and also wear different cuts of clothes that I normally would shy away from. The make-up has helped the most, I’ve seen a huge difference in how much healthier and brighter my face looks! I can’t thank Chloe enough for helping me gain back some confidence and teach all I need to know about what I need in my wardrobe!

Hi Chloe, thanks again for everything on Friday. I didn’t quite appreciate how useful the morning at home was going to be – whole new possibilities have been opened up to me now. Interestingly I spent most of the weekend in my own clothes rather than the new ones! The new belts were a big hit, even the leopard print got the approval of my husband. Jeans from Gap have been ordered and will do the Topshop ones later, so will let you know how I get on with them.
Chloe gave me confidence, reassurance and inspiration enabling me to define my style and fashion identity. I was always anxious about my body shape and dissatisfied by my choices when buying clothes. I felt compelled to buy the same things over and over again such as jeans and jumpers, leaving no space for items of clothing and unaware of accessories I was lacking. With Chloe’s guidance and assurance, she opened my eyes up to many new options of styles, colours, shapes and details.